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Offers and Discounts

 4 Lessons for £ 99!*

(Morning and Early Afternoon)


4 x

= £99!

If you are available between 10 and 1pm, Monday to Friday,
you can get a £21 discount when booking 4 lessons in advance.
So instead of paying £ 120, you will only pay £ 99.

* Offer available only until the end of August 2017

 4 Lessons for £110

(Afternoon and Evening)


4 x

= £110


£10 discount if you book 4 lessons in advance.
So instead of paying £ 120, you will only pay £ 110.


Free Guitar when booking several months
in advance


12 x


= £360


Book 3 months in advance  and get your first classical guitar or acoustic totally free.

For just £360 you will get 12 Lessons plus a nice guitar, which I will personally select for you.


       20 x




= £600


Or book 5 months in advance and get your first electric guitar + amp totally free.

For just £600 you will get 20 Lessons plus a great electric guitar + amp.


 Extra lessons for £20

10 Pounds discount in any extra lesson.
If you've already booked a month or more, and you want to have an extra lesson in the same period, it will just cost you £ 20.


 Group Lesson Discount

If you book lessons with a friend, or a couple of friends, the lessons would be cheaper.
If it is a group lesson for 2 students or more I only charge £ 20 per person.


 Lessons Online for £20

One hour lessons online for just £20 each, if you book in advance 5 lessons of more.


Stay tuned for more Offers and Discounts!

Just to let you know, some of these Offers and Discounts are temporary.
So get in touch soon!

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