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Guitar Lessons in Alicante & Online


If you want to do your first recording, with your instrument, singing, or both, I can help you.
I always carry with me to my lessons a portable recording device, so you can lay down your tracks very easily.
Mi student Erik recording his song "You got nothing but everything"
I charge 30 Pounds per hour, which is the same as my tuition fees.
Before we start, I can provide you with a free estimate.
If you are interested in learning about basic recording and production, I would guide you through the whole process as we go along.

Apart from the recording, I can help you with things like choosing the right key for you voice (if you're singing), the instruments we would use in the accompaniment, tempo...

If you want to record your own music, and you need help developing your ideas, I can also help you with that.

Please get in touch if you need more information.

Here you can listen to some of the recordings I've done recently.


"You got nothing buy everything" (Erik Malmström)


"Diciembre 2013" (Joe Moreg & Students Band)


"verylongfermata" (Club Satie)