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A Minor Backing Track (Rock)

Base en La Menor Rock (joemoreg.com)

You can practice these scales over this backing track:

A Minor Pentatonic                                    (A C D E G)

A Blues Scale                                                (A C D Eb E G)

A Natural Minor, also called A Aeolian  (A B C D E F G )

This is the chord sequence:

||:  A5        |  C5        |  D5        |  F5    G5   :||

> This is a recording I made using this backing track.
Rock Guitar Solo in A Minor ii (Joe Moreg)



12 Bar Blues in A

||: A7      |  A7      |    A7     |  A7      |
|   D7     |  D7     |    A7     | A7        |
|   E7      |  D7     |    A7      | E7      :||

Minor Blues in B

||:  Bm7           |  Bm7       |   Bm7       |  Bm7            |
|    Em7           |   Em7      |    Bm7      |  Bm7            |
|    Gmaj7       |  F#7        |    Bm7      |  Bm7 F#7   :||



Backing Track in G Minor (Latin)

Latin Backing Track Demo by Joe Moreg

This one is inspired by the final section of the song "Love of my life" by Carlos Santana.

||:   Gm7            |  Cm9    D7(b9)  :||



Jazz Backing Track in D Minor

||:   Dm7        :||
This is one of the positions of the D Dorian Scale.
The tonic, or root, of the scale appears in red.

In this video you'll see me playing the Dorian Scale (5 Positions) using this backing track.

You'll find the diagrams and figerings on the Scales section.




Classical Backing Track in D Major (Pachelbel's Canon)

Pachelbel's Canon, Backing Track Demo by Joe Moreg
||:   D    A    |  Bm    F#m    |  G    D    |  G    A    :||



A Dorian Backing Track

Backing Track, Light my fire (The Doors). Solos section. joemoreg.com
This backing track is inspired by the keyboard and guitar solos section of the song "Light my fire", by The Doors.
||:  Am7   Bm7  :||

E Phrygian Backing Track

E Phrygian Backing Track (JoeMoreg.c
||:   Em       |   F         |   F          |  Em      :||

C# Phrygian Major Backing Track

Backing Track, Kind of Egyptian Danza



Smooth Jazz Backing Track in F# Minor

||:   A/C#    G#m/B  |   Bm7    F#m/A  |   Bm/D     Bm7   |  E       F#m  :||



"Smalltown Boy" (Bronski Beat) - Pop Backing Track in B Minor

Small town boy (Bronsky Beat), Acoustic Version - Jam Track

You can improvise with the B Natural Minor Scale (B Aeolian).

||:  Bm     |  A      |  Em      |   D     :||

"As the years go passing by" (Gary Moore) - Minor Blues Backing Track in C

||:  Cm                |  Fm                 |   Cm            |  Cm                |
|    Fm                 |   Fm                 |    Cm           |  Cm                 |
|    G7                 |  Ab7   G7        |    Cm           |  Cm               :||

"Gone" (Black Crowes) - Blues Rock Backing Track in the key of G

||:  G7(sus4)  :||
I created this backing track with and excerpt from the song "Gone" (Black Crowes), and repeating it over and over.
I was able to do it using Cubase, although I also use a device by Korg called PX5D, when I want to do it during a lesson.

You can practice this scales with it:

G Major Blues  (G A Bb B D E)
G Minor Blues  (G Bb C Db D F)
G Mixolydian   (G A B C D E F)
G Dorian
           (G A Bb C D E F)

I recorded this video using this backing track during one of my lessons.


"Lights are on but noboody's home" (Albert Collins)

Backing Track, Light's are on but nobody's home (Albert Collins)

||    C7       |    F7      |  C7           |  C7           |

|    F7        |  F7        |  C7           | C7            |

|    G7       |  F7        | C7   Am7 | Dm7  G7 ||


"Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto de Aranjuez" (The Shadows)

Backing Track Adagio Aranjuez