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I was born in Alicante (Spain) in 1973, and I started playing guitar at the age of 13.

My first instrument was a nylon string guitar, and soon after I got an electric guitar.

I was interested in Rock and Pop music, and later I started listening and playing other styles, like Blues, Heavy, Folk, Jazz, etc...

When I was 15 years old, I started Classical Guitar studies at Alicante's Conservatoire.
Apart from guitar, I also studied other subjects such as: Reading Standard Notation, Harmony, Acoustics, Transposition, Music History, Music Aesthetics, Pedagogy, Chamber Music, Ensemble and Choir.

I was also a member of the Conservatoire's Choir for four years as a tenor.

I finished my studies as a qualified Guitar Teacher and Instrumentalist. My degree is comparable to a British Bachelor (Honours) degree standard.

My Guitar Teacher Degree and my studies' comparability by UK NARIC.

During that period at the Conservatoire, I played guitar in several local Rock bands and I got involved in different projects as a musician.

I received my first Electric Guitar lessons from Paco García, and later I studied several years of Electric Guitar and Modern Harmony with Thierry Laforge.

I attended several Master Classes with prestigious Spanish Guitarrists: Salvador Domínguez, Porty, Jose de Castro "Jopi", Francisco Simón y Chema Vilchez.

I've been teaching guitar privately for 20 years. And I've also taught other subjects as Modern Harmony, Computer Music, Songwriting, Reading Music, Music Theory, Electric Bass and Ukelele.

I've also taught at the Villena Culture Centre, "Áula de Música y Técnicas de Arte" and "Da Cappo Schola" in Alicante.

I moved to Madrid in 2002, where I carried on studying Modern Electric Guitar and Harmony at the Musicians Institute, with Jose Manuel Lorenzo, and at the "Escuela de Música Creativa" (Creative Music School), with Pablo Fernández-Arrieta.
I also studied two years with Felix Sántos at "Academia Jazz Ateneo".

In 2002 I moved to London, where I got a "Qualified Teacher Status" after recognizing my degree.
I worked in London as a private guitar teacher full time, and I did several collaborations as a musician.
From those years, I would highlight my involvement in the soundtrack for the movie "Body Armour", as a composer and guitarist.
And also my collaboration as a songwriter in James Keo's first album, produced by Martin Hoj, writing the music for the song "Of Poetry".

In 2007, I moved to Dublin, where I also taught guitar privately for six months.

After that, I moved back to Alicante (Spain), where I taught full time, and worked in several projects, which you can listen to in the Audio section.

I decided to move back to London in July 2014, where I worked as a full-time self-employed guitar tutor.

You can also check my teacher profile at Rockschool, and the Registry of Guitar Tutors (to access to my profile at the Registry of Guitar Tutors' website, just type my post code, SW15, on the Find a Guitar Teacher link).

I am currently available exclusively for online lessons via Zoom, teaching Guitar (Electric, Acoustic and Classical) and I also teach Ukulele and Electric Bass.

If you would like to find out more about me and my lessons, please get in touch via Whatsapp (07742 611 680 or through the contact section of this website.

These are some collaborations I have done: