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In this section you can listen to some recordings I've made over the last few years.


Original Music


"/wi:k/" (Joe Moreg)

From March 19th to the 23rd, I challenge myself to write and record an instrumental piece a day, and this was the result.

"Saturday Night Joe" I II III (Joe Moreg)

This album was written and recorded in three different sessions. Each one of them consists of three pieces.
It's similar to the previous project, because it was written on the spot, and recorded in one session.

"Three in the dark" (Joe Moreg)

I recorded this demo at Martin Hoj's studio in London, in 2006,

"Ascensión" (Jose Moreg)

This is an instrumental piece I wrote and recorded recently.

Loop Menor (Joe Moreg)


"Improvisations I" (Joe Moreg)


"verylongfermata" (Club Satie)


Collaborations & Covers


"Tu Naturaleza" (Toni El Negro) cover by Joe Moreg


"Mind the gaps" (Kit Morgan). Rockschool, Grade 8

This piece belongs to the last collection of Rockschool books. This one appears in the Grade 8 book.

"Body Armour" Music from the Original Motion Picture.
(Mark Ryder & Charles Olins)

While living in London, I had the opportunity to record some guitar parts for the soundtrack of this movie. The following clip is a compilation from that session.
This is me at Sphere Studios in London, where "Body Armour" soundtrack was recorded.

"If I Cloud " (Tareq Al-arab & Joe Moreg)

Tareq is a very talented singer-songwriter I met in London in 2003. We wrote a few songs together, and this is one of them, recorded live during a rehearsal.
If I Cloud (Tareq A'larab - Joe More

"Believe" (Tim & Sheila White)

This is another collaboration I recorded while I lived in London.
Believe (Tim and Sheila White), Guitar Solo by Joe Moreg

"Across The Sky" (Pat Metheny Group)

This is a cover I recorded some time ago with my first digital recorder (BR-8, Boss).
In this video I'm playing the Solo section of this recording.
Across the sky (Pat Metheny)
J Mora (Versions)

"She's not there" (The Zombies)

This is one of our live performances.


This song belongs to a demo I recorded with a covers band.

David Sanjuan played the vibraphone, Juan Carlos Aracil the flute, Gaspar Martínez and Sergio Fuentes Cabrera played the percussion, Ruben Navarro was the singer, and I recorded the guitars.

"Ana Maria" (Wayne Shorter)

This is a solo guitar arrangement where the harmonies of Bossa Nova and Jazz meet together.

"The Foggy Dew" (Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens)

This is an easy arrangement I wrote and recorded for a student who wanted to learn this song.
The Foggy Dew guitar by Joe Moreg

"Acerca del cielo, el aire y la sonrisa" (Leo Brower)

This is one of the pieces I played while studying Chamber Music at the Alicante Conservatory.

Antonio Pérez Abellán was our teacher and also conducted this eight guitar ensemble. Luckily, he also recorded this performance we did at the end of the nineties.

Fernando Espí, Alejandro Ruiz, Juan Luis Nicolau, Guillermo M. Grau Dueñas and I participated in this recording (as soon as I remember or find out the name of the other three fellow guitarists, I'll update this text).
It´s a contemporary music piece, and as you may find, it explores the sound possibilities of the guitar.