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" Jose is a great teacher.
He is very happy to tailor the
lessons to my interests and needs. He is patient and committed, making the lessons both challenging and fun!.
I would highly recommend him to others. "

Richard - London

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" Jose has been Teaching my son Alex for the last 2 years. Alex loves his approach-Jose has the ability to create a friendly and relaxd teaching environment which makes the lessons both fun and motivating. Like all children, Alex had his moments with the old 'practicing'.It was Jose who had found the way in getting Alex on to the right path-he can also be mildly persuasive if needs be...just enough. In my modest opinion Jose is a great teacher-very reliable and honest.Our Alex loves his guitar lessons and makes a good progress.So far, all exams were passed with flying colours.I would recomend Jose's services to anyone without a second of hesitation.Very trustworthy. All the best. Greg "

Greg - London

" After my progress on the guitar had stagnated for so long, Jose has really helped my playing develop to the next level. He notices all the detail in my technique and his lessons are always enjoyable yet challenging. I highly recommend him! "

Hugh - London

" Jose has been great at helping me achieve my personal musical goals without pushing his own agenda.. Jose has succeeded where others have failed and I am very happy with my progress. "

Chris - London
" Jose is a fantastic teacher.. he has a great ability to put things into a more simple way so as I can understand , he is very patient and will continually go over something if I’m not sure ,Jose has a great sense of humour and I feel very relaxed with him.. At present he is teaching me Claire de lune arranged by James Edwards , I didn’t think I would ever be able to play but Jose is making this happen, I had spent many months looking for a guitar teacher and so pleased I have found Jose ..would highly recommend.... jenny "

Jenny - London

" Jose has been an inspiration to my little boy - he looks forward to his lessons and does his practice sessions diligently. He is 7 and is very comfortable with Jose’s style - which is gentle persuasion with loads of positive feedback. We are glad we found Jose and happy to recommend him to absolute beginners. "

Sid - London

" Jose is a great teacher and musician, I always look forward to his lessons since he always has something new and interesting to teach me. As a result I am always eager to practise after the lesson. He is very flexible and patient. I'm glad I chose him as my first guitar teacher! "

Kenny - London
" Jose is a brilliant musician and a fantastic teacher. Always fun and enjoyable sessions, not a dull moment. Highly recommended. "

Alex A. - London
" Jose is a great guitar teacher, the guitar lessons fly by and he knows so many different music styles. I really look forward to the lessons with him. "
Sofia -  London
" Jose is currently teaching my 9 year old brother for over a year now. My brother loves his lessons and is eager to play. I can see how much my brother has learned, how much fun he has whilst doing so, and wouldnt trade Jose for another Guitar teacher, thats for sure. Highly recommend. "

Martin - London
" Jose is currently teaching my 7 year old daughter and she loves the lessons. Jose is patient and friendly and makes every lesson fun... not to mention relevant to the types of music my daughter listens to! Would highly recommend "

Abby - London
" Having started to learn guitar less than 6 months ago, Jose has really helped me to build confidence and improve, by giving me a variety of songs and pieces to work on, and making harder pieces achievable by breaking them down. I enjoy a bit of theory too, and Jose explains this well. He is a very patient and talented teacher "

Pascale - London
" Jose is simply a fantastic teacher. Echoing some of the other testimonials, he is an extremely talented musician and his love for the guitar and music shines through his teaching. Jose finds the music you like and believe it or not, just like that, you start playing! Learning scales, notes, and reading music is all part of what I'd like to learn and he makes this fun. I learnt the violin at school and 15 years later I'm really enjoying playing an instrument again and having a friendly, knowledgeable and extremely patient teacher is making it all the better! Thanks Jose. "

Rebecca - London
" Jose is a wonderful teacher .He has been teaching my daughter for nearly two years. We are really impressed by his skills, flexibility and patience. His passion and dedication in teaching Guitar is remarkable.
My daughter has progressed massively and we would recommend Jose highly "

Maryam - London
" Jose has been a fantastic teacher. My son Santiago, aged 11, really looks forward to his lessons and enjoys them very much.  Jose has loads of theoretical and practical knowledge and makes the lessons entertaining. He is also very patient and skillful. I would definitely recommend Jose to anyone who is looking for an excellent and reliable teacher "

Lucia - London
" Sachin’s enthusiasm for playing the guitar is all thanks to Jose. Sachin is a beginner but Jose has helped him to make incredible progress in the time that he has been teaching him.
Jose has a patient, engaging and inspiring teaching method and he has a real knack for identifying and suggesting what Sachin might enjoy.  It is a joy to watch - and hear - their current collaboration in compiling a series of duets come together and, judging by the shared laughter, Sachin is thoroughly enjoying his lessons "

Monica - London
" I would recommend Jose, he is an excellent and very patient teacher. He is really thoughtful in his lessons and has been brilliant at guiding my daughter through her guitar exams!! "

Jane - London
" First and foremost Joe is passionate about music. He plays the music you like and makes the whole learning experience a joy. He is patient and calm, a real find ”

Alexander des Monstiers - London

" I was looking for an online teacher to help me get back into playing again, problem was, that I didn't even know what I wanted to learn.. Joe is very relaxed and flexible and helped me figure out what I want from the lessons.
Joe has been a big help learning to play songs from different genres, and has helped me understand methods for both learning to play what I hear and breaking down rhythms into bite size pieces.
Thanks Joe! "

Adam K. - Finland (Online Student)

" Daniyal started having guitar lessons at home with Jose in September, and we have been very impressed by how much his playing has improved since then.  Jose understands how to engage Daniyal's interest in a fun but at the same time professional way. 
His passion for playing the guitar is infectious and Daniyal responds to that.  He explains things so well and shows great patience which is vital to build a beginner's confidence.  He makes each lesson entertaining and puts a smile on Daniyal's face while playing.  Jose is quite simply 'muy simpatico' (a complete contrast to Daniyal's previous teacher whose cold, formal approach was undermining his interest).  No such worries with Jose - we thoroughly recommend him as a great teacher! "

Shabana and Graham - London

“ My son, aged 14, started learning the electric guitar with Jose this term and I am really impressed with the progress he has already made in just two months. Jose is a great teacher, enthusiastic and patient and more importantly knows exactly how to engage him. They have a lot of fun playing together and he has completely rekindled my son’s interest in music. I will be recommending Jose ! “

Sarah -  London

" As a person who'd never played a guitar in my life, I figured I'd be playing scales and learning chords for the first 6 months. Instead, Joe started the first lesson with "what music do you listen to?" and I've been 'playing' interesting  stuff ever since. All lessons are held in a relaxed learning atmosphere and there's the added bonus of advice from Joe's website and YouTube link. It's great to find such a great distraction from other stresses and Joe is key to the experience "

Simon - London
" As a tutor Jose took time to understand each child and tailored his teaching to each individual, and created their enthusiasm and love for the guitar and music.They enjoyed their practice which was never a chore under Jose's instruction. You could not ask for more "

Sameera - London
" I had lessons with Jose for about 3 year. I started as a complete beginner, with not a lot of natural musical talent. I always found him to be patient and friendly. He planned lessons around music that I liked and found different methods that helped me to progress. Jose is a very talented musician and anyone who has lessons with him will learn a lot. On a personal note Jose is a great guy and I now consider him a friend "

Jenn - London

" Jose has everything you’re looking for in a guitar tutor, patience, enthusiasm, a good sense of humour and great experience at teaching and playing "

Damion - London

" Jose possesses a bewildering combination of technique, versatility and innovative playing styles. He uses these skills in conjunction with being a bloody good chap to provide lessons that will take your playing to the max ! "

Nick - London
" Anyone considering a guitar lesson should definitely have Joe on their list! He's a brilliant musician, very patient teacher and has a wide range of styles and influences. I've learned tons from working with Joe on-line. Really easy to hook up using Google Hangouts or other screen sharing. He's a lovely guy and I can recommend him regardless of your ability "

Michael - Glasgow,  Scotland (Online Student)
" Jose is a fantastic guitar player and teacher. With his help, I quickly improved my technique and music theory. He's approachable, laid back and easy to get on with. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him and it's great news he's returned to the UK "

Rhyd - London
" Over the last 8 years Jose's ability to pass on musical knowledge has been not just fundamental to my progression in learning to develop my playing, but also a real inspiration during the many times I've doubted my playing skills. Jose's patience and flexibility around my busy working schedule has meant we have always found the time (in person or online) to spend some quality time playing guitar. At present I consider my weekly appointment with Joe to be in fact my weekly "gig"! He always keeps me focused and motivated even if oftentimes I do not have much time to practice as I should these days. I look forward to continue learning from Joe for a long time. He's the man "

Victor - London

" Jose is a fantastic teacher – his lessons were really enjoyable and he would always be flexible on the songs/styles of music I would learn. He has a great, informal style of teaching and I found I learned to play quickly with Jose’s help. I couldn’t recommend Jose more highly "

Liam - London