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YouTube Learning Companion

Hey everyone,

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to my website: the YouTube Learning Companion.

With the YouTube Learning Companion, I'm excited to share supplementary materials that complement and enrich my YouTube videos.
You'll find exclusive lesson materials like PDFs, scale diagrams, chord charts, and more to deepen your understanding and enhance your learning experience.

This platform also gives you a glimpse into my teaching style and methodology. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced musician, these materials offer valuable insights and techniques to help you progress in your musical journey.

Stay tuned for regular updates and new materials—I have plenty more in store for you!

Happy learning!


Hey fellow blues enthusiasts,

I'm excited to share a new addition to my YouTube channel that's sure to get your fingers itching for your guitar! 🎸

I've just uploaded a fresh 12-bar blues backing track in the key of Bb Major, set at a smooth 85 bpm. But here's the twist – it's just me and my guitar, keeping it raw and authentic with no other instruments in the mix.

Why the stripped-down approach, you ask? Well, I've been diving deep into the blues with my students Jorge and Felipe, delving into the rich pages of "The Complete Blues Method" by David Hamburger, Matt Smith, and Wayne Riker. We've been picking apart solos, dissecting licks, and immersing ourselves in the soulful world of blues guitar.

Most of the solos we're tackling are in Bb, but even when they're not, we're transposing them, so we can build a seamless, uninterrupted flow of blues magic – from easier riffs to more intricate phrases, weaving them together into one epic solo tapestry.

In a world where backing tracks often come packed with layers of instruments and arrangements (which are undeniably cool), I wanted to offer something different. Picture this: a cozy jam session with just two guitarists, trading licks, and riffing off each other's energy. That's the vibe I wanted to capture with this track – a back-to-basics blues experience that's all about the music and the moment.

So whether you're a seasoned blues player looking for a new challenge or just starting your journey into the world of six-string sorcery, come join me on YouTube!.


Exciting news! Introducing Duetology, a unique program where music lovers and aspiring musicians can explore the art of duet performance while immersing themselves in the transcription and arranging process.

Duetology offers hands-on experience in music creation, basic production, and home recording techniques.

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned musician, come join me for an enriching musical experience!

Click here to learn more.


And here is the second duet of the year, with my student David, coming from Spain and now residing in Dubai.

Our lessons have been a blend of exploring his favourite songs and delving into the structured beauty of classical pieces through the Graded Program by Trinity College. Currently, we're diligently preparing for his Grade 2 exam, which includes mastering Gaspar Sanz's piece "Paradetas" in the key of D Major.

In our quest to enrich David's practice sessions, I sought to find a popular music example in the same key with a catchy melody. The song that immediately came to mind was "Fields of Gold" by Sting—a timeless classic with a melody that resonates beautifully in D Major,and its Minor relative in the key of B. 

Together, we decided to record a duet, with David showcasing his prowess on the melody while I provided the accompaniment, drawing inspiration from the original guitar arrangement by Dominic Miller.

I actually had the incredible opportunity to see Dominic perform at the Pizza Express in Soho, London, at around 2002 or maybe 2003. I even had the privilege of meeting him and even capturing a cherished photo together. 


I decided to change barber soon after this picture was taken.

Recording "Fields of Gold" with David proved to be a rewarding experience, despite the challenges of remote collaboration. His determination and dedication shone through, resulting in a remarkable performance that speaks volumes about his musical growth and commitment.


Reflecting on my journey with the blues, I can't help but reminisce about the pivotal role played by my mentor, Thierry Laforge, in shaping my musical path. It was in the late 90s, during my intensive study of guitar and modern harmony under Thierry's guidance, that he introduced me to a book that would become a cornerstone of my guitar library: "Mastering Blues Guitar" by Wayne River. Recently, I had the pleasure of passing on this recommendation to my student Jorge, a devoted lover of blues guitar. To our delight, we discovered that Wayne River's book is actually part of a trilogy, along with "Beginning Blues Guitar" by David Hamburger and "Intermediate Blues Guitar" by Matt Smith. Together, they form the Complete Blues Guitar Method—a comprehensive guide that covers everything from fundamentals to advanced techniques.

I wholeheartedly recommend this trilogy to anyone interested in delving into the rich world of blues guitar. What sets these books apart are the meticulously crafted sample guitar solos, which not only teach essential techniques but also serve as inspiration for improvisation and creativity. In our latest YouTube duet, Jorge and I showcase one of these captivating solos. While Jorge navigates the solo, I provide the accompanying rhythm.

I am immensely grateful to Thierry for his invaluable recommendation, which continues to shape my musical journey to this day. It's moments like these—passing on knowledge and experiencing the joy of learning with my students—that remind me of the profound impact of music and mentorship. As I continue to pay it forward, I carry with me fond memories of learning from Thierry and the countless meaningful experiences shared with my students.


Excited to share our latest musical collaboration, a video duet with my online student Álvaro, currently living in the Canary Islands. In this performance, Álvaro takes on the lead melody originally sung by Camarón de la Isla, while I accompany him on chords and rhythm guitar, bringing to life my instrumental adaptation of the classic 'La Leyenda Del Tiempo.' 

This marks our second duet, following our rendition of 'La Atunara' by Manolo García. In my teaching, I always stress the importance of mastering not only chords but also vocal melodies. Learning to play the melody enhances your ability to jam with fellow musicians and refines intonation for singers. Hit play and let the harmonies of 'La Leyenda Del Tiempo' take you away.


As we reflect on the musical journey of 2023, I'm excited to share a compilation video showcasing the diverse guitar solos my students and I explored each month. From the timeless classics of Tears For Fears and Pink Floyd to the soulful melodies of B.B. King and The Beatles, this compilation celebrates the joy of learning and creating music together. Join us in reliving the moments of discovery and growth, and let these solos inspire you on your own musical journey. Enjoy the music and here's to another year of musical exploration and creativity!


And here is the last duet of the year. This time with my student Jacobo.

We are playing the song Esperanza, originally written and recorded by Hermanos Gutiérrez.

It actually is the second time we cover one of their pieces, as we also recorded El Jardín about a year ago.

I discovered Hermanos Gutiérrez thanks to my student Jacobo, and I've enjoyed a lot transcribing, teaching and recording their music for him.

We hope you enjoy it!.



Guess what? I've put together a little something special – a playlist on YouTube featuring all the songs we've been exploring in our lessons during November.


🎵 Joe Moreg's Lessons Playlist 🎵

I love teaching different styles, and I'm stoked to say this playlist has a bit of everything – from Classical and Folk to Pop, Rock, Indie, Blues, Jazz, and even a sprinkle of Hip Hop. It's the kind of mishmash that keeps things interesting.

One cool thing about our lessons is that I let students choose what they want to learn. So, this playlist is kind of like a musical potluck, reflecting all the varied tastes that make our learning journey unique.

Feel free to share the vibe with anyone who might dig it.

Cheers to the joy of making music,

J 🎸


Here is a little treat for lead guitar enthusiasts: a detailed breakdown of the second solo from Guns N' Roses' iconic song "Estranged."

In this YouTube video, I meticulously dissect the solo lick by lick, offering a slowed-down rendition accompanied by on-screen Guitar TABs for clarity.

Originally created to aid one of my online students in mastering this challenging piece, I quickly realized its potential to benefit a wider audience of aspiring guitarists.

I hope this tutorial helps you to demystify this epic sol solo and empower you to conquer it with confidence.


I'm excited to share a new addition to my YouTube channel. In this video, I'm joined by my dedicated online student, Adrián, for a special duet performance. Since Adrián became my student in October 2022, he has made remarkable progress, and this duet is a testament to his dedication and growth.

Our performance features an instrumental adaptation I created for the song "Bones," originally by Imagine Dragons. In this rendition, Adrián takes on the instrumental adaptation of the vocal melody, while I provide the accompaniment.

One of my teaching philosophies is to adapt and play the melodies of songs with my students. This approach not only enhances their musical abilities but also imparts essential knowledge about the song's tonality as well as the scales involved. Understanding the song at this level is invaluable, whether you want to create unique arrangements or venture into the world of musical improvisation.

We hope you enjoy our performance. If you'd like to see more duets with my talented students, please don't hesitate to check out the following link:


Rolling Stones.png
Screenshot 2023-09-23 at 17.56.47.png

The Rolling Stones released a new single, and naturally, it has sparked the interest of a couple of my students with whom I've been learning and transcribing the main riffs and the solo.

Yesterday, I had an incredible time recreating the main solo from 'Angry,' which I've shared as a YouTube short, featuring both my performance and the Guitar TAB. While it's still my first draft, I believe it is accurate and can be a helpful resource if you're keen on learning Keith Richards' licks and vocabulary.

Click on the image if you want to watch it.

Thank you for reading!.

@ joemoregdiary


Have I shared with you my Instagram page yet? It's an excellent resource to delve into the world of my lessons. Most of my posts showcase videos where I perform and demonstrate various musical pieces. These clips serve as a visual representation of the material we've covered in our lessons, providing valuable insight and inspiration for your musical journey. You'll find a diverse array of content there, ranging from a guitar solo rendition of "Let It Be" to the intricate main melody of the jazz classic "Donna Lee." I've even put together a finger-style arrangement of "All Star" by Smash Mouth, tailored for the ukulele, and collaborated in a delightful duet with several of my students, just to name a few highlights.

But that's not all; you'll also stumble upon improvisations, snippets from my electric bass lessons, and much more. Although my uploads may not be frequent, there are a whopping 90 posts waiting for your exploration. So, why not give it a visit and consider hitting that 'Follow' button to stay updated on all the exciting content coming your way?

On Broadway (The Drifters)#2.png
On Broadway (The Drifters)#1.png

I'm thrilled to announce that I've just uploaded a brand new transcription to, hosted by the prestigious music books company, Hal Leonard. This latest addition features my adaptation of 
'On Broadway' by The Drifters, with the full vocal melody carefully arranged for guitar, along with the accompanying chords. In just two pages, you'll find the complete melody, harmony, and structure, offering a fantastic opportunity to explore this timeless classic. While George Benson's version is undoubtedly famous, my student Jose Antonio and I were captivated by The Drifters' original recording, prompting us to delve into this piece and share it with you. Feel free to explore my other transcriptions on this platform, and don't hesitate to request any specific pieces to add this growing catalogue. 


Here's a song I had the pleasure of teaching Quique today: 'Sunflower' by Post Malone.

Interestingly, we hadn't planned to learn this song during our practice session for Quique's Grade 3 exam. However, in a brief break from our regular practice, we listened to this song and spontaneously decided to play along and transcribe it.

My transcription is inspired by Post Malone's acoustic performance at the Tiny Desk concert. This track is perfect for honing your strumming technique and chord transitions, as it revolves around a straightforward 3-chord progression across a 4-bar sequence, maintaining the same progression throughout the entire song. Give it a try and I'm confident you'll find it both enjoyable and rewarding to play along!.


Presenting my transcription of a timeless classic solo performed by George Harrison in The Beatles' iconic song 'Let It Be.' This week, I've been guiding my student Hugh through this solo, which serves as an exceptional illustration of a solo in a major key—specifically, C Major in this instance. It also stands as a valuable reference for crafting solos using the Major Pentatonic Scale.

As part of my guidance for students interested in soloing and improvisation, I often recommend the memorization of at least 10 solos from musicians they admire. This progression—from easier to more challenging solos—provides a comprehensive arsenal of techniques and skills needed to become an accomplished lead player. In this process, I take an active role in selecting the most suitable solos that align with each student's skill level. This ensures a harmonious blend of mastering existing skills while embracing new melodic ideas and techniques.

Here you are a screen cast video of my own transcription using Guitar Pro 8.

Feel free to check it out and explore the nuances of this captivating solo!.


Here is a video I recorded yesterday, playing along with the backing track I uploaded to the private Students' Playlist on YouTube.

First, I play and connect the 5 scale positions, then the triads based on the harmony, and finally, a little improvisation.

I hope it is inspiring.


This is the first part of a video lesson where I've recorded a practice session for Dan. We'll be exploring Miles Davis' iconic solo in 'So What,' one of the most influential and famous jazz pieces ever.

I've adapted the trumpet part for the guitar, and in the video, you'll find me playing each lick and phrase several times, starting from slow to the actual speed. This lesson serves as an excellent introduction to Jazz playing and promises a lot of fun.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-20 at 19.11_edited.png

© Joe Moreg 2024 

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